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City Life

City Life

Working in London is not easy.

And I find it sometimes helps to have a good old rant about life in the City. I find it helps to clear the brain.

So here is my top ten list of "Is there anything more annoying than..." when it comes to working (and socialising) in London.

We'd love to hear yours!

1) A tube strike. Is it really so hard being a tube driver? I can think of worse jobs, and most of them pay less than £50k a year. And they usually involve cleaning up someone else's vomit.

2) That annoying combination of wind and rain that renders an umbrella completely useless. Particularly bad in London because of the sheer number of people. I am surprised more people don't have their eyes gouged out.

3) Not being able to book for the new spate of trendy street-food style restaurants. No, I don't want to wait in the pouring rain for two hours whilst I wait for a table. I'd rather just have booked two months ago when I originally planned the outing!

4) People who tut at you when you don't get out their way. I went left. You went left. I went right. You went right. I don't deserve a tut. I'm not deliberately trying to be your mirror image. It's just as much your fault as mine.

5) Packed trains during the day. I accept the fact that trains are busy during rush hour. But when I have to get to a mid-morning meeting, I'd appreciate a bit of peace and quiet. Or a seat at the very least. Who are all these people and why are they not at work?!

6) Slow-walking tourists. I accept it begrudgingly in the West End - commuters are the minority there. But if you come to the City, speed the hell up.

7) People who don't stand on the right and walk on the left. It's a simple rule of escalator etiquette. Especially annoying when you miss your train as a result.

8) Automatic connection to Cloud Wifi on your phone that then won't work until you complete a lengthy sign-in process (occasionally including the handing over of credit card details). Don't connect me unless you are going to give it to me for free and straight away.

9) Summer commuting. Great if you can walk to work and skip merrily along the pavements in a beautiful silk dress. Not so good if you have to commute under someone's armpit.

10) Cyclists with schizophrenia. You either obey the rules of the road or the rules of the humble pedestrian. You don't get to pick and choose.

11) Bank station. Hotter than the Sahara desert, even when it's minus 10 outside. And regardless of what line you want, you have to walk a half marathon underground to get to your desired platform. So similar to the Labyrinth that you half expect to bump into David Bowie in Lycra.

Oops, sorry, that makes 11 - the rant got the better of me! 

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    Amelia Slocombe
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