• The best of the 90's!
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The best of the 90's!

We've seen a lot of Facebook posts recently which extol the joys of being a teen in the 90s. We have to say they're brilliant. So we thought we would put together a little test for you all - we would love to hear how many of them you know!

Do you know what these words refer to?

1) Heather Shimmer
2) Fuzzy Peach
3) Push Pop
4) 081 811 8181
5) Jordan Catalano
6) Minesweeper
7) Forever
8) Curtains
9) 20-20
10) Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield

And for some added fun, how many of these did you own?

1) A Sony Discman
2) A Record Bag
3) A Tamagotchi
4) Hard Candy nail varnish
5) Sun-in
6) Hair Mascara
7) A Kangol Hat
8) Palladiums or DMs
9) A Bomber Jacket
10) A Troll Doll or a Beanie Baby
11) A Scrunchie
12) Shag Bands
13) A Super Soaker
14) A Pager
15) A Caboodle

And finally, who was your teenage heartthrob?!

1) Joey Lawrence
2) Freddy Prince Junior
3) Adam Rickett
4) Paul Nicholls
5) Jared Leto
6) Ryan Philippe
7) Brad Pitt
8) Will Smith
9) Kavanagh
10) Leonardo di Caprio

Apologies to anyone under the age of 30 who is reading this - you'll probably think we've gone completely mad...
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    Amelia Slocombe
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