• Judgement: Morning Sickness
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Judgement: Morning Sickness

Did morning sickness affect your pregnancy? I have yet to find a job more competitive, more closely scrutinised and more severely criticised than motherhood. But unlike your average 9-5, it’s a vocation where the competition, the scrutiny and the criticism come not just from your work colleagues but from absolutely everyone: your family, other people’s family, your friends, other people’s friends, the media and, the worst culprits by far, fellow mums.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to give three examples of what you can expect to be judged on the minute you conceive:

1) Morning Sickness. Let’s be clear here: whilst between 70-80% of mothers suffer from morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy, some suffer a great deal more than others. Whilst one woman might feel a tad nauseous on her daily commute to work, another might be bedridden or in and out of hospital for weeks on end. Yet for some reason, we all feel the need to throw out the same pieces of banal advice to suffering mums-to-be, regardless of their actual symptoms.

Feel queasy in the morning? Have a dry cracker.

Throwing up? Try a peppermint tea.

Suffering on the commute? Whack on an acupressure wristband.

None of us have any experience other than our own, but that doesn’t stop us from all becoming experts when it comes to pregnancy related illnesses.

But do you want to know the actual truth? NONE OF IT ACTUALLY WORKS.

The only thing that does make a difference to those who are really suffering is anti-nausea medication, but for some reason admitting to taking something that is actually prescribed by a qualified doctor is the BIGGEST no-no of all them. Nope, you are much better off with a ginger biscuit my friend. Trust us. Because we, unlike your doctor, have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about.

Make sure you read part 2 of "Judgement" series next week! 

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    Amelia Slocombe
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