• 5 reasons why you are a great parent
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5 reasons why you are a great parent

5 reasons why you are a great parentLet's face it, being a parent is bloody hard work. What's more, however rewarding it is, it's something most women (me especially!) have to strive to be good at. But however hard it gets, and however many times you think you have truly and royally f*cked up at being a decent role model, you really haven't. When you actually sit back and look at the bigger picture and consider what you have actually achieved over the course of your little one's life, whatever mistakes you think you've made, they really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. 

And here are just five reasons why:

1. You have kept a small helpless creature alive

Don't underestimate how vulnerable children, especially babies are. At the beginning they need you 100% and it's you who have got them through the hardest stage of their fragile little lives. We may not be fighting off predators from our caves anymore, but we do feed them, keep them safe, ease their pain, hug away their fears, make sure they get enough sleep, teach them how to fend for themselves - basically give them the skills they need to survive. So don't put yourself down just because your toddler refuses to say please or thank you, or your baby occasionally eats fluff off the floor.  You've succeeded in many more ways than you realise. 

2. You have created a decent human being.

Sometimes telling your baby or toddler what they can or can't do feels utterly futile. You may as well hit your head against a brick wall. Do they actually listen to a word you say? Well yes, actually, they do. Every time you tell them to be kind, every time you remind them why they shouldn't hit their sibling, or scream in restaurants, or take their  friends' toys, or be polite, a very small part of that message goes in.  Sometimes you may have to say it a hundred or even a thousand times, but eventually it sticks. And each time it does, you've made them into a slightly better person than they were before. 

3. You are showing them that there will always be someone that loves them 

Let's face it: sometimes life can be really crap. Occasionally downright tragic. And sometimes it feels as if you'd really rather not deal with it anymore. Children feel like that sometimes too, even over the smallest things. Knowing that whatever happens, you are there for them, will make them feel infinitely more happy and secure. And sometimes there's nothing as wonderful as a plain old hug. 

4. You are giving them happy memories

If you look back at your own childhood, most of the things you will remember involve your parents. And if you are lucky, most of those memories will be happy ones. So looking to your own little ones, console yourself that they won't remember the time you left them in a pooey nappy for two hours or refused to give them cake. They'll remember the bigger things. The outings you had, the times you laughed until you cried, the times you told them over and over again that you loved them. And it's those memories that they will cherish.

5. To your child, you are perfect

Yes, you may berate yourself for giving them calpol when you don't actually know if they need it. Yes, you might blame yourself when they run head first into a wooden toy box or fall off a slide when you aren't paying attention. But, even though they may never say it; even though they may cry when they don't get their way, or tell you to disappear, or go away, or even (dare I say it) "just die", the truth of the matter is, they don't mean it. You are their world. Their constant in a very uncertain and occasionally daunting place. And whatever you do that may make you think otherwise, they wouldn't want you any other way. 

So, in summary, don't sweat the small stuff. Remember why you went into this in the first place. And remember that all your children really care about is having a parent that loves them, no matter what.
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