• 10 examples why kids' tv is completely inappropriate!
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10 examples why kids' tv is completely inappropriate!

Children's TV1) Postman Pat. Pat loses EVERY special delivery he is given and wastes thousands of pounds of taxpayers money flying helicopters and enlisting the help of the local policeman in a desperate effort to rectify his own negligence. He only ever delivers his parcels at the very last minute, but not before inflicting huge amounts of unnecessary stress on the recipient. 

2) Baby Jake. Baby Jake's parents have 10 children and their windmill is clearly not big enough to house them. Although there is no evidence that either parent has a job, they have no qualms about leaving their baby in the care of his youngest sibling. 

3) Thomas the tank engine. Thomas and his friends NEVER do what they are told despite receiving clear instructions from their employer. It's only after they have f-ed up royally that they suddenly remember the importance of being "really useful engines". 

4) Sarah and Duck. Sarah does not appear to have parents, but acts on the advice of a male narrator who is presumably a voice in her head. And she lives with a duck.

5) Andy's Dinosaur Adventures. Andy may have the pleasure of going back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, but he wouldn't have to make the trip quite so often if he didn't regularly trash the museum display that Hattie clearly spends a lot of time and effort putting together.

6) Balamory. All the characters from Balamory should either be in prison or a mental institute. I can't think of a single parent who would let any of the characters near their child. 

7) Little Princess. The Little Princess is a brat. She should be grateful for the fact that she lives in a castle and has staff to answer her every beck and call.  Instead she spends the whole time whinging until she gets what she wants from her hapless parents.

8) In the Night Garden. A programme that teaches children what life would be like if you took LSD on a permanent basis.

9) Mr Maker. All Mr Maker "makes" is real parents look shit and incapable when it comes to art and crafts. He also instils unrealistic expectations of what children should be expected to achieve in 5 minutes with a boiled egg, a felt tip pen and a pipe cleaner. 

10) Nina and the Neurons. A programme that encourages children to ask inappropriate and difficult scientific questions that parents don't know the answer to.
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    Amelia Slocombe
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