• Rapunzel, let down your hair!
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    Amelia Slocombe
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Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Rock of Feather - beats hair pulling! When we were younger, boys pulled our hair, supposedly, because they fancied us. Now that we are the bearers of young children, however, the chances of a gorgeous young Adonis pulling on our pony tails is pretty low, sadly. Firstly because our hair is now so fine from post-pregnancy hair shedding that said Adonis would need 20/20 vision to see it, and secondly because, let's be honest, gorgeous young Adonis's aren't flooding to our doors anymore. 

But, fortunately, just so that we can remember the sensation of what it felt like to be adored, our babies have taken over the role of Chief Hair Tugger. As well as Chief Spewer, Pooer and Smeller of a Sewer. And dear God, how it hurts. Not content with a simple grab, babies have an uncanny ability not only to grab our hair with a force greater than gravity, but to hold on to it as if their very lives depended on it. In the same way as a jumper might cling to a bridge after deciding that he really didn't want to plummet to his death after all. 

So what can we do to avoid such pain? My suggestion is simple. Don't let it happen in the first place. "Aha!" I hear you cry. "This woman doesn't know what she's talking about." You think I fall into the realms of the childless prophets i.e those wise (clueless) women who actually think you can stop children doing things just because you want them to.

Well, I hasten to add, before you write me off as a loon, that is actually not the case. You CAN stop them doing it. You just need to perfect the art of distraction. And here is how:

1) Cut your hair off. We all know we have to look like our mothers some day. So why not bite the bullet and speed up the process?  

2) Hold your baby a metre in front of you, with both arms outstretched, at all times. They won't be able to reach your hair and it will do wonders for your biceps. 

3) Walk around with Sophie the Giraffe in your mouth. It's not like you need to communicate.  Our children don't listen to us anyway. 

4) Pour yourself a very large glass of wine. It won't stop the hair pulling, but it will take the pain away.

5) Purchase yourself some attractively designed, baby-safe jewellery. It's tried and tested to ensure that any baby (especially teething ones) will want to hold on to that, as opposed to your coiffured (greasy, unwashed) tresses. And the best bit about it? You can actually encourage babies to chew on it. Incidentally, you can buy it from Rock of Feather - what a happy coincidence!

So you see, whilst there are many solutions to stopping your baby from pulling on your hair, there really is only one that makes sense from the point of view of a fashionable, sensible mother, who really REALLY isn't ready to look like her mother.  Buy yourself a little something from Rock of Feather. Cheaper than a good bottle of Sauvignon.
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    Amelia Slocombe
  • annoyingbabychildrengrowing uphappyjewellerylifemotherhoodparentingpullingrelationshipsRock of Feathertipstoddlerswoman

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