We understand that when people buy a product, they want to understand it form the inside out. This has never been more essential than in a jewellery range designed to be soft enough, yet tough enough to be put through all the paces in life and still look lovely.

Rock of Feather products were created with teething babies in mind. Because, whilst babies may want to put everything in their mouths from your car keys, to dog biscuits, to those strange balls of fluff which seem to materialise on your wooden floors no matter how many times you house is cleaned - that doesn't mean you are content to buy something that isn't 100% designed to go there. 

First and foremost, our jewellery range stands for practicality, safety and baby wellbeing because, let’s face it, it has to. But that doesn’t mean we stand for being mumsy. We believe that mothers are individuals too. People who, dare we say it, might like to look cool now and again. Rock of Feather simply bridges the gap and combines the two.

The aim of Rock of Feather is therefore twofold:

1) (the practical bit) to design safe, natural and “putinyourmouthable” jewellery for teething babies and toddlers

2) (the fun bit) to create a gorgeous jewellery range that is enjoyable to wear, bang on trend and that you'll want to wear even if you aren't a mother.  

So confident are we, in fact, of the general amazingness of our products that we’d like to think that women, whoever they are and whatever they do will wear our items as well. Whether they be young girls making their first foray into the world of fashion, festival goers wanting key accessories to match their carefully selected glamping wardrobe, or beach loving sun goddesses who simply want to accentuate their new bikini with an additional splash of colour (and our jewellery range also happens to be waterproof).

 We hope you enjoy your shopping experience on our site.


And we hope our range rocks a little bit of happiness into your day!