About the founders

Amelia and Natasha, the founders of Rock of Feather are two best friends who realised that they might work as brilliantly as a team in work as they did in play. Alike enough not to disagree on fundamental issues, but different enough to be able to bring a range of different skills to a young and growing company. And perhaps most crucially, they shared the same vision and values towards running a business – attention to detail, emphasis on quality and the need to stand out from the crowd.

Amelia is a working mum with a background in finance law who loves the two sides to herself that having a child has created. First and foremost, she is a mother to a wonderful little boy called Arthur, but equally as important, she’s a woman who never wanted to lose her individuality after she had children. So, she still sees her friends, keeps abreast of what’s fashionable... Still treats herself to a designer handbag once in a while.

Natasha has babies. They just happen to not be of the human kind (more the four-legged variety, with hooves and waggy tails). Interestingly (given the products we sell) Natasha is not a “baby person”. But this is something we believe is a good thing for the business as each founder comes from a different angle. Whilst Amelia knows all about the practical necessities, Natasha is the trend creator, ensuring each and every piece that Rock of Feather designs is stylish, edgy and downright cool.